TCM’s comprehensive dedication to safety is second to none and meets the challenge
of safety in many ways. We operate with a core value that Quality, Productivity, and
Integrity is not just expected but demanded from our team.


We think of safety as a very valuable and respected practice. The dedication that management and the field show towards safety is what helps keep this company growing towards the future.

TCM has taken an aggressive approach to safety training.

We have trained all of our foremen in OSHA, First Aid, HILTI, rough terrain forklift, aerial lifts, scissor lifts, and competent person. We provide weekly toolbox talks that are reviewed by our field employees.


We also have a safety committee that meets monthly to review safety-related ideas and agendas. We are continually striving to update our safety policies and keep all employees trained in the most current safety requirements.


Every service we provide is undergirded by our commitment to the safety of our employees and our commitment to you that our teams will work in a safe manner while on your job site. Our in-house safety committee continually looks for ways to add value to each project through safe work practices. We are even eager to share what we have learned with you, for the benefit of every worker on a construction project.

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